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F3 Precision Industries, Inc is a Precision Manufacturer of Airframe Class B & C Aerospace Fasteners & Hardware Products. Standards based manufacturer of NSN, NAS, NASM, AN, MS, AS, Parts Catalog Coming Soon (Summer 2021) ISO 9001 & AS9100 Rev D Certified. #ITAR registered. JCP registered.

FA Aviation LLC(US)

Fabas Consulting Int'l(US)

Fabas Consulting Int'l, Inc.(US)




FANTASTIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED是一家独立分销商,致力于为军事,航空航天,医疗,工业和商业应用提供报废电子元器件和IC。我们可靠的质量服务,快速的交货以及全球采购能力和物流能力使我们在其他竞争对手中脱颖而出,并赢得了全球主要OEM和EMS的声誉和业务。

供应商保证-FANTASTIC科技有限公司与领先的全球零部件供应商建立了密切的关系,包括原始设备制造商及其在美国,欧洲,日本,韩国和新加坡等主要市场的授权分销商在全球众多供应商的支持下,FANTASTIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED能够满足其客户不断增长的需求。质量,一致性和可靠性是我们的保证。

质量保证-市场上假冒零件的数量不断增加,对买家构成巨大威胁; 。在FANTASTIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED,我们已采取有效措施来确保最高质量的产品(单击“质量”以获取更多详细信息)我们的目标是超越行业标准的质量。您购买的电子组件有60天的保修期。FANTASTIC科技有限公司将在购买后15天内退还带有官方测试报告的产品后的10个工作日内,以RMA答复您。


服务保证-我们的电子商务网站解决方案使客户能够轻松地搜索产品,提交查询并快速获取报价; 。我们训练有素的销售人员全天候24/7客户响应需求快速响应客户报价,询问和问题是我们正在进行的工作。我们了解您的生产过程的紧迫性,并且简化了解决方案以节省您的时间和金钱

定制保证–不同的客户有不同的要求;在FANTASTIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED,我们为每个订单提供定制服务。无论它包括发票,特殊包装,自定义标签还是增值服务(磁带和卷轴或工具包)或任何其他要求,我们都可以满足所有要求,以增强客户体验。

FANTASTIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED是一家独立分销商,致力于为军事,航空航天,医疗,工业和商业应用提供报废电子元器件和IC。我们可靠的质量服务,快速的交货以及全球采购能力和物流能力使我们在其他竞争对手中脱颖而出,并赢得了全球主要OEM和EMS的声誉和业务。

供应商保证-FANTASTIC科技有限公司与领先的全球零部件供应商建立了密切的关系,包括原始设备制造商及其在美国,欧洲,日本,韩国和新加坡等主要市场的授权分销商在全球众多供应商的支持下,FANTASTIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED能够满足其客户不断增长的需求。质量,一致性和可靠性是我们的保证。

质量保证-市场上假冒零件的数量不断增加,对买家构成巨大威胁; 。在FANTASTIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED,我们已采取有效措施来确保最高质量的产品(称为“质量”以获取更多详细信息)我们的目标是超越行业标准的质量。您购买的电子组件有60天的保修期。FANTASTIC科技有限公司将在购买后15天内退还带有官方测试报告的产品后的10个工作日内,以RMA答复您。


服务保证-我们的电子商务网站解决方案使客户能够轻松地搜索产品,提交查询并快速获取报价; 。我们训练有素的销售人员全天候24/7响应客户需求快速响应客户报价,询问和问题是我们正在进行的工作。我们了解您的生产过程的紧迫性,并且简化了解决方案以节省您的时间和金钱

定制保证–不同的客户有不同的要求;在FANTASTIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED,我们为每个订单提供定制服务。无论它包括发票,特殊包装,自定义标签还是增值服务(磁带和卷轴或工具包)或任何其他要求,我们都可以满足所有要求,以增强客户体验。


Farsound Aviation Inc (CANADA)(CA)

Farsound Aviation Ltd(GB)


Fastener Dimensions Inc(US)
Aerospace Mfg and Dist of AS, AN, MS, NASM and NAS parts. Specializing in special to blueprint Bolts, Screws, Machined parts. Full line of SPS, ALCOA, SHURLOCK Studs Inserts, Lockrings, ect CNC Swiss type and CNC Turning and Milling, Screw Machine parts to print. Full inventory of Hardware and related components **See Website for further information or call your FDI representative with any questions **



FAVIA International is an aviation company founded in 2004, by professionals with over 40 years of experience in the aviation industry. We take pride in being able to deal with almost every requirement of the aviation industry on a global scale in the most efficient manner, making us the one-stop shop for all your aviation queries.

Our company was created with the unanimous goal of providing the best of aviation products, services and solutions. The evolution of the company has been well planned and the growth, excellent. Our proactive responses have enabled us to continue strengthening our market share within the industry. We build strong customer - supplier relationships and recognition in the aviation industry by providing competitive pricing, flexibility and agility to support the continuous needs of our clients.

FBR Aviation Inc(US)


FEC Technology Corp(US)

Fenix Aerospace LLC(US)



Fidenko Aviation(TR)


When time matters! Same day turn times. 218 393-0890. Text RFQ's to 24 hour quote line 218 393-0890. email: 8130-3 Dual Release Provided. Ship to 69 N 28th Street Suite 31, Superior, WI 54880. See Website

***Temperature and Overheat Switches, Fire Loops and Detectors, Temperature Sensors and Bulbs***

Finali Scientific(GB)

Firefly Aircraft Salvaging(SK)

First Byte Micro Limited(GB)

First Flight Enterprise(US)

Fitech Co., Ltd(HK)

Five Star Aviation(US)

FIVE STAR AVIATION has been a leading industry supplier of corporate, commercial, commuter, and helicopter parts for over 25 years. Customer service, product support, quality control, and full traceability are Five Star Aviation's commitment to its customers.

FIVE STAR AVIATION supports and stocks a full complement of rotables, avionics, and other airframe components. Our strict quality control procedures ensure that all of our components will meet and exceed individual customers' requirements and conform to industry standards.

FIVE STAR AVIATION'S purchasing department uses the latest technology to acquire materials directly from the operator/repair facility thereby providing full traceability on all components purchased. These major inventories and components are being received daily in our St. Augustine, Florida facility. The influx of this new material continues to complement and enhance current inventory levels.


Materials arriving that will require re-certification are immediately forwarded to FAA/JAA approved facilities for overhaul or repair. Once re-certification has been completed, these units are then available to our customers on an outright or exchange basis.

As a full service facility, FIVE STAR AVIATION has the ability to purchase entire packages of surplus inventory, because of our extensive knowledge of the industry we can guarantee a fair price for any material our customers may have available. We also have a complete consignment program to help you market your slower moving or obsolete inventory.

FIVE STAR AVIATION prides itself on being a full service, customer oriented supplier to the aerospace industry. Our professional sales and marketing staff will assist you with all your purchasing and procurement requirements.

commitment to its customers is "customer service, product support, and quality control, all at a fair price."

FLC Aviation(US)

Flight Equipment Inc.(US)

Flight Tek(US)

Flightdeck Instrument Systems(ZA)

Flightek Aviation Pty Ltd(AU)

Florida Supply USA Inc(US)


Fly Aviation Parts, LLC supports customers worldwide with spare parts solutions for Embraer commercial and executive aircraft.
- Commercial aircraft: EJET (E170 / E175 / E190 / E195), EJET E2 (E175-E2 / E190-E2 / E195-E2) and ERJ (135 / 140 / 145).
- Executive aircraft: Legacy (shuttle / 450 / 500 / 600, Lineage and Phenom (100 / 300).

We are based in Fort Lauderdale (FL,  USA) with an warehouse located in Doral (FL, USA). We also have an office in São José dos Campos (Brazil).
We have a global presence in the aviation market through our network of partners, suppliers and customers.
Our team has experience in the aviation aftermarket and deep knowledge of Embraer products, which allows us to offer a high level of service.

Fly Dynamics(FR)

Flyer Aviation Sp. z o.o.(PL)

Flyer-Aviation is one of the world’s leading providers of aerospace parts and services for the commercial aircraft market. We are focused on customer service, efficiency, flexibility, business development and maintainability.

Key services includes component sales, exchange and lease; MRO management, asset management, logistics management, warehouse management  and bespoke specialist support. We employ a team of highly experienced and proficient staff to ensure a high standard of customer service is delivered – professionally & effectively.

Flying Colors Air Parts(US)

Flying Colors Air Parts engages in a constant process of aquiring inventory and posting it online for its customers. These parts are in as-removed condition. Give us a call of what parts you may need and we will see if we can find them, better than any others price on the web.

Flyonics PL(ZA)

Flyonics (Pty) Ltd is an Avionics design, consulting, servicing and installation company capable of supporting a variety of aviation modification and certification projects as well as repairs and maintenance of many General, Regional and Business Aviation Aircraft. The depth and range of our resources enables us to provide optimal solutions for operators, installers and maintainers as well as compliance with regulatory requirements.

Contact Michael +27 82 686 2374 or

Focused Air Sales(US)

Fokker Services Asia(SG)

Fokker Services BV(NL)

Fokker - GKN LogoFokker Services is part of GKN Aerospace, which develops and produces advanced components and systems for the aerospace industry, and supplies integrated maintenance services and products to aircraft owners and operators.

Capabilities of the company range from parts availability services, Spares, Parts Pooling programs and exchange services, Component MRO, Aircraft MRO, Engineering support, Aircraft Modifications, Certification (DOA, POA), Training, Documentation services, and VIP Aircraft Conversions.

We have over 120,000 different parts in stock for you and repair over 15,000 different components in-house.
With our global footprint we aim to get as close to you as possible. We are located in the Netherlands; USA; and Singapore.



Fortune International(IN)

Forza Electronics, Inc.(US)

France Tech Services(FR)


Freedom Aero Service Inc.(US)

FAA Repair Station for Electrical Accessories and Instruments for Turbine Aircraft.  FAA/EASA dual release.  Exchanges also available.

Freelancer Aviation Broker(EG)

Freimex AG(CH)

Frontline srl(IT)

EASA/FAA PART 145 - ISO 9001:2008 - EN 9110:2005 - EN 9120:2005

FTW Avionics(US)


FUTE Technology Co., Ltd(CN)

Fanso (Wuhan Fute Technology Co., Ltd) is the lead manufacturer of primary lithium battery, including 3. 6V Li-SOCl2 battery and 3.0V Li-MnO2 battery.
Annual production is more than 15 million pieces, under ISO 9001 Certified Quality Assurance System.
Batteries are with UL (File No.: MH46165), UN, UN38.3, RoHs and CCC recognization.
-- Safe design
-- Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing
-- High & Stable Operating voltage
-- Good performance on avoiding Voltage Delay
-- High energy density (700wh/kg)
-- Long Shelf life, and Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% per year at 25°C)
-- Wide range of opertating voltage and current
   (over 90% of the total capacity is discharged at a high plateau voltage),
-- UL Component Recognition
-- Compliant with IEC 86-4 safety standard

-- Bobbin (Energy)
-- Spirally (Power)
-- High Temperature

-- Cylinder
-- Button
-- Flexible Soft Package
-- Battery Pack

Soft package and battery packs are available.
So packs with following volts can be assembled:
6V, 7.2V, 9V, 10.8V, 12V, 14.4V, 15V...
If you need different shapes of soft package or different voltages, sizes, capacity, please feel free to contact us.


from Sales Team of Fanso


Future Global Aerospace, established in 2016, is a combined independent and authorized, stocking and value-added supplier of a wide variety of products for military, aerospace, medical, and industrial applications. We specialize in worldwide distribution of aerospace fasteners, military components, and aircraft hardware used in aerospace, aircraft, marine, energy, and computer applications. Our product offerings allow customers the flexibility to design a maintenance program that fits their specific requirements while maximizing the cost benefit of a single-source provider. Our team mission is to be a trusted partner in supplying both fasteners and components to the aerospace industry, with a firm focus on providing our customers with a one stop supply chain solution. We are committed to customer satisfaction.

Future Metals UK(GB)